The sweet smell of propaganda on a Monday.

Oh hear, oh hear, what the wind carries to my ear. Discussions are abound, for who is the better leader around. Some say Garen, for his cause of justice, Others Darius, for freedom just is. ------- Darius' in the lead they cry, a Noxian leader, oh why, oh why. For many think he allows for no peace, and indeed, a warmongering approach he will not leave. Yet he has a vision for Noxus to be, a grand nation, that's what he can see. It's banners spanning the whole land far and wide, and freedom for citizens and those on their side. But I personally am in pain, for I rarely see mention of Swain. For Noxus' leadership he should be just as important, Darius, after all, is just the sword-end. ------ Garen is, on the other hand, not even a leader of his land. For he operates under the King, but a symbol he is, that's the thing. Standing for justice, order, and rules and with anyone following them, he is cool. But those who break them are just rubbish, those are the targets he sets out to punish. Demacians are protected from crimes, having that must be marvelous times. But she who aims for black magic or murder, this clearly will really hurt her. Citizens can trust in fair judgement, if you ask me, that is a godsend. -------- But participate in this I shall only partly, as I have another job, to wish you wholeheartly: A grand Monday, even if morning may have passed. Great joy, for the whole week it shall last. A fluffy pillow, a tasty snack, a nice drink, and last but not least: exactly what you think! \*hugs and snuggles you through the rough parts of the day*
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