Lethality (Again)

So, as we all know lethality got buffed in the beggining of season 7. Because of that team compositions were built around lethality adcs (Varus,Jhin). Lets not forget how OP it was back then, and how riot said they made a mistake. Now the same thing happened, I know it is not that Op as it was, but still. Assassins are rushing duskblade as a first item, they melt adcs, midlaners, they basically melt everything. Almost every single toplaner is picking these shitty meta-slave champion such as (riven,talon). I want to ask, why did riot manage to buff that stat again, when they know, and they even apologized. Why are they making the same mistake. Armor pen was amazing, it wasnt that strong, it wasnt that weak. You needed lots of gold to buy those items such as (Brutalizer) Or last whisper. Armor pen was made to ease the snowball process witch champions as (Zed,Talon,Jayce) would snowball the game. But lehtality? Lethality is scaling by level, which means that champion that is supposted to snowball, is snowballing from its level, + He has level and dmg advantage which leaves his opponent squishy. One combo and you can be erased. I want to ask if riot would make the lethality items by 1. You could buy only 1 lethality item, like supports can buy talisman, or spellthiefs. You can buff those items, to give unique passives, but you would limit the lethality items. The champion would have to choose between {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} . Sorry for my bad english, but I´m trying my best. Leave your thoughts below.
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