The capsule you get from honor underwhelming.

Hi, a mini complain. You know the capsule thingy that you can get upon reaching honor lv 3, 4 and 5. The one that looks really fancy and is a rare drop. It containing a champion shard along with key fragments and a very slight chance to get one of those (i forgot what skins). I don't feel it gives good stuff for being a rare drop and such a fancy looking capsule. Because getting champion shards is not very useful, and you get key fragments anyways. The 2 skins that you might get, not everyone play those champions plus it is such a rare chance. Would been so much better if they could consider swapping out the champion shard with a random skin shard/avatar/ward skin or anything the is more fancy. :) I mean, the capsule looks really nice, like it could contain something reaaaaallly awesome.
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