Are riot staff being jerks on purpose?

In 2 of my recent games my team was forced to remake because i couldnt connect to the game, while all i was seeing was the "reconnect" button on the client that wasnt working, and now i got 5 games with low priority queue for apparently being afk those 2 games even though it was literally not my fault in any way, ran the client repair after those 2 matches n i hope to not get that random bug again. Ofcourse i did mind losing over 40 lp and getting leaver buster for no reason, but now for telling my teammates that riot staff are a bunch of idiots i got 25 games with chat restriction!!! They never watch over games where players wish eachother the worst things possible but theyre quick to ban you if you say a bad word about them. Now i know theres nothing i can do about this, just gotta accept my penalties and move on but just for everyone else: dont piss Comrade Rito off or else theyll give you a really hard time
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