Talking Smack

Since when has talking smack become such a normal thing in League, and I don't mean it like just bragging about how good you are, I mean proper, rubbing someone into the dirt smack talking, I've recently played a game as Braum (Like usual) and didn't do that well, I wasn't able to fully protect my Allied ADC from the enemy Lucian and Leona which led to us losing lane, our mid came to gank though I ingaged to late which led to us all dying after the enemy jungler and midlaner counterganked. Apperently this made them snap. My Midlaner told me to simply give up on my Braum, pick up Janna to better fit my game play along with calling me multiple things which I wont post on this board. The enemy Lucian staight up asked me who I payed to get a Lv 7. on Braum The enemy top who somehow managed to get involved in the conversation asked me how much I payed and how much I deserved Bronze (I'm Bronze in 3v3, long story) I honestly don't get it, Well yes, my name can be a type of dare to anyone laning against me since I proclaim myself as King but honestly to talk down so much after winning a game. or being talked down on so much after making a mistake. Its all just so stupid PS. Yes, this is all just a rant out of frustration but putting this out somewhere somewhat helps with how much these types of matches actually discourage me from playing ranked and I get some people are just Jerks but hell if if comes from both your allies and enemies it becomes a bite more impact full.
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