Beta and Season 1 players

Good morning, So, i play since Season1 like November season1, right in the beggining of it and has beem fantastic. You had so much success and still have! LoL has been the top game since 5/6 years from now, its unbelievable. And i feel like, you are where you are because of hard work and also, teamwork. But without us, the players, none of this would be possible. And, i dont know how to say this because it is a stupid idea from a single guy from portugal but i think you should "reward" players that have been playing this awesome game since the beggining (and are active), like Beta and Season1. Some kind of unique skin made on purpose for this "idea". I feel like you are HUGE and a have a great game but you should thank the "old" players somehow. Just an idea fellow summoners. Good afternoon, Tiketas{{champion:22}}
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