Riot is awesome!

So many people complain that Riot sucks. So many people say they only care for money and so many people say that they don't know what they are doing. #BUT JUST OPEN YOUR GOD DAMN EYES! Here's what we will get in the upcomming months: - Replay System - A way more flexible custom game mode/ practice tool - Assassin Rework, to give them more counterplay - Reworking outdated Champions (Warwick, Galio and Eve confirmed and in that order) - Reworking the Jungle (again) - A new Champion every couple of months - And balancing this whole game on top of that (including fixing bugs each patch) - And even more that I can't remember form the top of my head This game is theoratically free and you can play it without paying a cent. The amount of content we get is straight up insane, for literally no money at all.
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