I don't see how I'm B3

So basically I've been playing for about 2-3 years now, started at the end of S3 and beginning of S4. Now I was in bronze last season for the beginning and after climbing my way up from bronze 5 to silver 2. I had to do the placement matches again. Now just to clarify I don't mind that I had to do them, but with my track record I've improved a hell of a lot since the beginning of S4. But even after winning **7 out of 10** placement matches... **Bronze 3**... I just don't think that it's fair since in the placements I even had to carry a 3v5 with two afks. We won that match and I'm being punished for winning? Rito please rethink this system you have in place because I am one of the people that it has affected negativey. TL;DR Won 7/10 placements, got demoted to Bronze 3. Rito pl0x.
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