Is the mechanical keyboard really better then the membrame keyboard?

I own a razer deathstalker that was on 60% discount at a isolated store ^^, I was hesistated to pick that up or 100+$ mechanical keyboard from logitech and razer, I knew that mechanical keyboard were genereally better, but in what way is it better in terms of "sound clickyness" and the fact that it lasts longer then membrame keyboards? Is it true that it will "enhance" your game?! I dont really see the difference between a mem and a mech keys especially for games like Leaguue, where most of the time your clicking 3/4 buttons... now of course a good silver player that has game knowledge yet owns crappy 5$ computer gear will still rekt a bronze player that owns 200$ of gaming gear products, i want to know if mechanical keyboard really give an "edge" so what do you guys think? also bonus questions, what gear do you guys own? I own a razer deathadder mouse 2014 edition (super good in all aspects) and the razer deathstalker
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