This matchmaking is a complete joke

What are you doing Riot????, I came home once again and tried to have fun on LOL and what do i get?, People playing a support top vs a vayne, Gets bloody fisted so hard i had to do something so i did, Ganked like 3 times, Got 1 kill and got her 2 kills i think and she still bloody lost, I even tried to snow ball all lanes and they all lost so hard. We had a lv 24 new player, Got bloody destoryed so hard vs a kennen adc, Came bot with zed got 2 kills, Bottom still lost, Like really, How can you make changes that will ruin the fun for solo players like myself, Iv played HOTS/Smite, You name it iv tried it and i thought smite had the worst matchmaking of all time but bloody hell, LOL tops it all now, Premades/Boosters/Smurfs and everything, Just really Riot. I honeslty think LOL isnt for me anymore, Its just full of boosters and smurfs. I might try something else now because LOL is getting worse and very boring to play now. Friends dont even play anymore... What does that tell you riot?, YOUR GAME IS RUINED! PREMADE PREMADE AND PREMADES ARE EVERYWHERE THAT DESTROY SOLO Q PLAYERS!!!!
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