My Final Days

Hey guys, Firstly, those that will reply with (childish comments) I really do not care, go back to school. Anyway, So after playing since season 2 and achieving all my goals. I never wanted to be challenger but i did make it to masters promo a while back and thats good enough for me. Ive had many accounts banned except my main. Not saying im a toxic player, they were banned because i used them to have fun instead of tryharding like on my main. Ive even gotten banned for free skins hacks. Ive stolen baron with almost every champion in the game. Ive had over 200 pentas on all accounts combined. Ive stolen dragons with every champion in the game. Ive discovered bugs that got fixed. Ive ghosted streamers. Ive played with some epic well known worldwide players. Ive bought every single skin possible to buy and gotten many that you cant buy. Ive had a match last over 2 hours. Ive even reached unranked to plat playing kha mid with 0 cs whole game. Ive even created a forum post that had 40k views and a ton of upvotes back in the old forum site though. Ive also been apart of the tribunal from back in the day throwing judgement on players fairly to gain myself some loving ip to buy champs. Ive done it all, I might have missed a few things but its ok. And now 03/25/2018 my maxed out friends list has finally reach 0 players active. All of my friends over the years, every single player on my friends list, has stopped playing league. I guess its just a sign that its my time. I enjoyed this game, but now its time to move on and see whats on the other side. I will miss you all, including the flamers, inters, %%% players and even afkers. GL & HF on the rift. signing out The original Bullpupp101 {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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