Any Beat Saber Fans? (Friendly Highscore contest inside!)

Hey everyone! You guys have probably already seen that [K/DA's hit POP/STARS just dropped on Beat Saber]( Personally I've picked it up recently for PSVR and having a blast with it, although I'm not great. That got me to thinking, there's probably some badass Beat Saber players out there on the boards, and I want to find them! If you're a Beat Saber fan, have you played POP/STARS yet? What's your highscore, and in what mode? I got ~350k in Hard with fast speed modifier, but can't complete Expert yet. Time to get practising! :-D Whether you're a pro or a newbie in Beat Saber, drop your highscore here! :-D Also if you remember, list any modifiers and the difficult just out of interest!
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