Am i bad now?

(OT might be the wrong place,i´m not sure. sry) I need to share this story, even if it sounds way too dramatic than it actually was. So... i joined this "clan" a few days ago for finding new people and partys. I got invited for a round in lol by somebody who was some kind of.. unfriendly. Yeah lets call it unfriendly. Anyway, we queued up with another person so we joined the game with a 3-player-grp. Im normaly one of the "Tigerplayers", blaming myself for stupid stuff and set my focus only on winning the game. Being no weight and the carry comes first. But in this round_** i broke the rules**_. We had a 5-man-pregroup as our enemys. Sounds okay yet,right? Our unfriendly top was gragas against this...odd akali. I fighted as ahri against ezreal. Bot was Xa/ra against twitch and Thresh.. Our jngl was shaco against..uuuh...i actually dont remem- Eh warwick. Nvm.(sry... xP you rarly showed up.) As i said..the Akali was odd in many ways. We all had 0 troubles with the lane & later on in the teamfightphase. Everybody was fed and happy..till i realised something within min 20. Our Toplane stopped with his unfunny harass-jokes and did instead a whole rant against akali, which had something about 16 creeps. "Omg such an easy enemy. LOL she died again. gimme more kills. You are an oneshot for me babe!" aaand so on. He nearly lost his white stuff while talking sht - at least it sounds like that if i look back on this game. Somebody, who was clearly over akalis level, made his own fun about this poor lil guy. I killed her twice under min 20..didnt knew what would be happening after that. And hell yeah i feel unhappy with this now. He or she ended up with being 1/10/1 and 86 creeps in 36 Mins overall. So when i killed her the sec time, gragas asked me "wow, why do you even waste your ult on her? rofl. you are sh*t!". While checking the scoreboard a few moments later, i said to myself "tch,i´ve seen her as an strong enemy..whats so wrong with using my god D: what happend to akali?" This player is still learning. Learning the champ, learning the game.. _It would be just right to keep killing him or her, right? Its for the win, huh?_ Well no. Not for me. ** It was a normal-game.** Somebody had no fun in this round because of me and my team, and im so sorry about this. Everybody should have a chance to learn the game. But in this case, the enemy toplaner couldn´t even come closer to the minions. It just wasnt fair in my eyes. ./all me:"Yo, no offensive... im just asking because im worried...Whats your level akali?" The Twitch respond with: "Akali is still learning the game..." So he or she was new to this stuff... Urgks. A wave of sickness rolled over me in the same moment. " Why is this player matched up against gold+? I can´t do this anymore...this is painfull to watch and we won the game anyway. Everybody can win a 1on5 now.." i said to myself. "For fuq sake, i will not...kill this akali. Guys, i just ignore her. Let her farm. Even if she pushes the lane...its a 5on4 for us and he/she is learning. I dont see a reason to keep doing this bullsht to him or her. Just end the game now please.." was my answer to my two other mates. Our gragas called me a fool and added "its so much fun to kill her, omg. Who gives a fuq about new people? We learned the game by fighting hard enemys too. Fking pu**y mid...". And our jungler said:"Pride is right... we should just end this game quickly. Don´t be a dck, gragas..." **_Keep being fair or a tiger and follow the rules?_** I decided to be fair...for this akali. So when Gragas and i pushed top for the inhib-turret, ww and akali tried to defend it. I turned my back to gragas and recalled. Just...b...and did nothing else. He was greedy,towerdived both... and died. It was wrong from my side to leave him alone. It was also his own mistake to dive. But after all what he said against me and his shttalk, i dropped my mood for being a teamplayer. The ragemode-gragas was online, and i refused to help him anymore. "I told you that i wont attack this akali. Stop crying and start to play like a real pro if you want to be one.". We won the game... Later on i had a smalltalk with the twitch from this round and he said in the end "thank you for being fair at least :3.". What do you think about this? Was it right to be humanlike with knowing that the game was over for the enemys anyway, or should i get a punishment for breaking the rule? (leaving akali alone VS take as many kills as possible for nothing) I think im not reported yet, so..yeah. I just hope that the akaliplayer can get some better rounds soon. Good luck dude. Thanks for reading.
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