Ok this became critical problem in Platinum tier

When I was bronze I used to have toxic players/feeding on purpose/troll/afk player in my team.When I reached silver players were still bad but they could cooperate at least.When I reached gold,I played with much better players and I had some honorable opponents and even when I was losing I knew that players are trying their best. Now we come to the worst tier ever:Platinum Low elo players may think now,"How can platinum be bad","Are you ok,mate" or something different Ok lets face it together,80% of players in platinum are either newbies who ebayed account,or bronze/silver (even gold players) who payed for boost Climbing in Platinum is hardest possible way because in either your or enemies team there is always someone boosted and that team will lose. Trust me or not,flame me or support me but wins are platinum are not about what team is more skilled but its about what team doesnt have boosted player
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