I'm baaaaaaaack~

\*obligatory monday morning snuggles, then pulls you into fluffy cave to keep you trapped in snuggles and cuddles and hugs forever* How, is, everyone, doing? As for me, it's a wonderfull monday~ http://static.tumblr.com/e50b66e752fba006fe082ea8e90b03f7/xxnxdnl/X9amg1zpv/tumblr_static_anime-cute-gif-kawaii-favim.com-373746.gif Even though my Holiday ended, I did expect a decent amount of yelling today, but it didn't happen. Which means this has to be the greatest week ever! I picked up on watching One Piece again, and if you remember last time I did... Welp, how can one not smile with the idiotic combination of that Crew? (I mean, it has far too much cringe to still dislike it at times.) Then another great thing about today, I can stop beating myself up for not doing a monday thread cus... well... ya know. Also started going back into the Support life! And it's great! Janna is awesomeawesomeaweseom! Woosh Woosh! ... But then they ban or pick her and I'm stuck with the goat. :( And Soraka is only awesomeawesome. q-q http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1441954366/Wee%2Bwoo%2Bwee%2Bwoo%2Bhttp%2Bwwwdeviantartcom%2Bart%2Bhow%2Ba%2Bsupport%2Bis%2Bborn%2B544923961_9b9c1b_5607756%5B1%5D.jpg ------------ But I could go on there forever... so lets jump to the future and... well... got my apprenticeship exame thingy... and... http://i.imgur.com/P2xOBv2.gif Which essentially translates to "Got the first part this wednessday, haven't learnt a single bit." ---------- But nuff of me, how is everyone of this lovely boards community doing? Did something I Need to be updated on happen past 2 weeks I was gone? Oh and: I SAW YOU BEING ACTIVE AGAIN STELL! YOU CAN'T HIDE! (Random Name be random for everyone who doesn't know you x3) But yeah, lets get some nice monday mornign talk here agian, I missed eeeet! \*huggle snuggle overcuddle*
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