does normal mmr have anything to do with ranked mmr?

so recently ive noticed that i'm getting placed with better and better players. I'm not a ranked player and i like normals over ranked. I also should note that i usually pick my main janna, as i enjoy playing her the most out of any champion. I don't consider myself particularry mechanically skilled or as having a great macro knowledge of league. Ive recently noticed alot more diamonds in my games. even sometimes a last season master or in this case even a last season challenger on my team. I didn't have too much troubles winning games. my winrates are really high and i almost never lose a normal even against players this skilled. Im not a carry type player and i don't always win lane. I sometimes do really dumb things though i never really feed too hard. Should i try doing ranked again? i struggle alot more playing lower elo games than with high elo teams. if i duo with silver or bronze friends we almost always lose against worse teams. Just somehow when i que with higher leveled people which should make it harder as i'm matched against more competent players i just don't find it to hard to win games. The weird thing is i don't feel like i impact any of these games particulary much. i just don't feed and try to keep carries alive. i just dont get why winning in plat/dia teams is easier than winning against silver/bronze teams...
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