5 Minute AFK mark: Why?

So basically, I was playing ranked game with my friend and suddenly a huge storm came into the city. Of course, I had no chance of predicting such thing but it happened, unfortunately. I lost my connection due to thunderstorm, my friend made our team sure about my soon arrival and everything went well (except the disconnect). I came back to the game, nothing was lost yet since my team played defensively and I tried to catch up fast. It worked, we won the game even after my 10 minute disconnect and guess what. Riot and its system made me smile again :) I lost my LP due the 5 minute AFK mark set on games. So what is the goal of my thread... Do you guys think this kind of thing is actually ok? Is it helpful in any way to the players in your opinion? I really would like to know how community feels about this, because as for me.. this part of the system is unnecessary and counterproductive. I mean... If someone wants to go afk for purpose, they won't be coming back anyway... but for players such as me its horrible to lose LP for a won game in which I gave my best. If Riot really needs this in their game, then at least make the mark longer. Make it something between 10 and 15 minutes. Not 5... that's not even enough time to reconnect for some ppl with slower computers. So what's your opinion about this? Should they rework it? Should they completely erase it? Tell me please, since players are the only people who care about such things.
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