Be polite with your team

Be polite with your team, for example: - if a player is very stupid, make so dumb paly that you think "wow this guy is allowed to make offsprings and to vote" and then he is the one pinging your ultimate or that you are alive, DO NOT flame him, be POLITE! say things like "I am sorry ... (after a short brake) ... I didn't knwo you are stupid, now I knwo so I will adapt". - if somebody die going 1v5 and then start ping your team, or write "/all wheres my team", BE POLITE, say to him "it's ok, it is not your fault ... (after a short brake) ... that your parents decided to keep you after the doctor told them the news. - if your lane gank other lane and after he is visible on 2 wards + river crab, you ping, you say ss, you write "please go in tower he is going there and I am in base" they start pinging you are alive, DO NOT flame, be POLITE, tell them "I accept your apologize pings that you feed and ruined my lane for no reason"

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