Any Women 21+ playing this game?

Soo, I'm a stay at home mom and a student. I love this game, although I'm still learning a lot. I turned 27 in January and I have found it really difficult to find others who are over 21, let alone someone female . I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay home and enjoy my hobbies ( games, biking, games... soap making, and more games) It would be great to find other women who play. I'm level 30 right now, I haven't played ranked, because I still feel like I have A LOT to learn and haven't really decided which role i want to stick with. It's only been two months since i started, :-( Been playing mid and support for now, but would love to do something other than support. I like to have fun, and find that I play better when I play with people i can laugh and joke with, This is my relaxing time, and i am starting to feel like the negative experience of playing alone is maybe too much. I only speak english and a very very little bit of german, I'm open to skype or whatever. And considering streaming if I ever get that good haha, but that's a LONG way off. Anyone else out there? I would love to find someone to play with and learn with, I don't care what rank you are or if you aren't even level 30 yet, because to be honest right now i'm not sure how i got there. :P
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