A good morning everyone!

\*yawn-hug* #How are all of you awesome peeps doing? I'm... well, obviously tired. x3 Not much else to say really, not too keen of going to work atm, but I supposed I'm not the only one with that feeling. On the other hand, when monday's done 1/5 of the week is over, so worth! Actually for me 1/4, as thursday is a holiday for me, and maybe friday too, but I'll see that later. But waking up with some good musics makes the morning way better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta-va7qfhnE (And some milk and choco, because screw healthy breakfasts.) #What did you do last week? Or at least what do you think is worht mentioning? For me, as announced last week, I did fail my Dia-promos, 0-3 actually. xD Justhave to improve more before I'll get there, but then ranked has been on a timeout for 2 reasons: One being that I started to again regulary play normals with some friends I used to play a lot, and it simply feels so gud. <3 The other being new Patch and therefore (to some extend Mastery 7 Lux and) Taliyah. A champion I so far really like. I didn't read her Lore yet, but I love her Kit and at least visual design so far, while her quotes seem don't seem outstanding to me, her voice is rather pleasant to listen to.\* I actually did get somewhat upset about all the complaint threads about her being 'oh so weak', but I guess some rants abotu new champs are bound to happen. I personally do not agree that she is weak, I'm aware that her winrate is like <40% in apperantly every position, but I feel like this mainly is due to her hard to use (/kinda unreliable) skills. Which seem to be pretty strong if you actually can pull them off consistantly. (my personally standing even is 6-4 with her) And before people complain abotu Passive and Worked ground, for me those 2 mechanics are the best thing in her kit. (next to ult) (\*I actually play with voice volume 100, SFX 80 and the rest considerably lower) #What are your plans for the future week? Or at least: have you guys any plans for this week? For me... it pretty much is just to keep playing Taly and hopefully get consistant with her skills. On another hand, my friend wants me to play WoW (I used to play a bit before, but not to any serious level), so that might be something I et into, I'll see. ---------------------------- But that's all from me for now. Have a great day everyone, and an even better followup week! Edit: actually, when I started writng it still was dark, but now just as I'm leaving the sky is nicely tainted. But it doesn't seem to be anywhere close to sunsets. So I'm wondering, did I just miss it or are sunrises simply not as colorful? :o
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