Two very EXPERT questions about vision score!

If you are here then you are an expert league mechanic aware person.( i guess ) thank you for your time. first of all i have to mention that i have READ the WIKI site and... i didn't succeed trying the practice tool to get my answers! ( it's confusing and it doesn't work at all ) Here are my questions : A : How does vision score ACCUMULATE by TRINKETS({{item:3364}} & {{item:2057}} & {{item:3340}} & {{item:2055}} ). 1- When you put a {{item:3340}} in any place, how will that ward grant you vision score? when that ward expires? or for each minute ward was active? or for each enemy champion that ward spotted? 2- Will you get vision score if your ward destroyed by enemies? 3- Is the place you put your ward important? (for example putting a ward in the drake pot - in the rift pot - in the bush - in the critical bushes - in the base ( fountain ) - under ally or enemy turret - in center of the lane - in the red and blue monster bushes .) will those places grant difference vision score? 4- does different wards grant different scores? ( {{item:2057}} & {{item:3340}} & {{item:2055}} & Zombie ward ) 5- Will using {{item:3364}} or {{item:2055}} in order to checking an area grant vision score? ( not finding any enemy champions or traps or wards with these trinkets, but still grants vision scores? ) 6- using {{item:3364}} and {{item:2055}} then finding a trap such as teemo's and jhin's - finding enemy champions - finding wards but not destroying them. will those actions grant vision score? if the answer is yes then is amount of those actions effective or not? for example finding two teemo traps vs finding one teemo traps - finding two champions vs one champions with {{item:3364}} . B : What UNIQUE ACTIONS does affect the vision score? 1- detecting ward or traps with this {{item:3147}} but not killing those traps and wards. 2- Ashe E ( finding an enemy with it ) 3- which will grant vision score? killing a ward! contributing in a ward kill being near a ward while an ally destroying that ward ( getting exp ) 4- finding an enemy champion by using jinx R 5- traps grant a small vision around themselves. such as jhin & teemo traps does their vision grant vision score when they do spot an enemy? {{champion:4}} R ( ultimate ability true sight ) these questions are very important for me so if you know something about them then please do not hesitate of telling. thank you if you decide to make me grateful :) have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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