What future will come for Prestige Skins?

I've got to know recently, that the newest Prestige Skin for Qiyana will be available with Worlds Tokens. For me it means i already missed opportunity to collect them and buy this one specific skin.( I am a student, i got quite exhaustive two months, i played some games, but i didnt't expect that this skin will be for Worlds Tokens. I didn't buy Worlds pass 'cause token shop is not that attractive for me. Now i have no posibility to collect them, it would take too much time.)So my questions are: 1) If Prestige Edition True Damadge Qiyana will be added to the Prestige Skins roster? 2) If this roster will be "cleared" on Febuary? (like Prestige Points) 3) How many Event Passes will be coming next year?
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