Do anyone know how networking works ? :D

Hi, I am not professional in what I am doing but ... One year ago I started using the Unity game engine because I wanted to create my own world and share my own stories, it took me some time but I managed to understand how multiplayer works and I easily made my first create account menu, enter account menu, account inventory menu. Unity gave me a lot of opportunities but I wanted to make everything the way I want and to see the things from their very beginning state. I started working with Terminals then I started using Visual Studio and now that I kinda see what is all about I wanna jump straight into networking. But even if the code of success is to google everything on your own instead of buying tons of books that won't help you at all, there are just so many tutorials on things that doesn't even match my case, in Unity I have always googled the right thing but, I really don't know where to start from like ... it's full of videos with like 70% dislikes what I know for sure is that I want to use the TCP protocol and I want to send Data between 2 machines in non local network environment, I don't know if that's the right definition but I meant like: I want the Data to be accessible for all PC machines from all over the world not only locally. By the way even if you are not expert either, I would like to hear your thoughts. Sometimes I am having spontaneous ideas even from things that are not even connected to the topic and these ideas at the end solve pretty much everything. :)
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