Are you ever planning on balancing the game?

This league of one shot has to end i think. The game since last season is all about burst. Mages are simply OP, they deal tones of damage by spamming spells with low cd, {{champion:7}} {{champion:518}} , also Zoe and Neeko can aa you to death better than most of adc's Bruisers like Jax Irelia Riven are impossible to play against,for example jax can actually 1v5 by spamming e and blocking all damage. Riven has crazy amount of cc and shielding, more than many tanks, while dealing tones of damage. Lethality is a big pain in the ass since last season as well where one could pick Zed land a combo level 3 and instantly kill an adc. Vayne needs some huge nerf, i mean she is invisible every second in a tf plus she true damage on just pressing right click, And last but not least true damage needs some serous nerf
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