i think trisana new skin does a good job at being 2 people.

ok we all know when we are tf or something and we get a sheen we get a powerspike or max ranking a spell on udyr u get some fuked up hair. or ezreal u get a pulsefire upgrade... its always very singular... and the point of kindread is meant to be a 2 part champion. and stuff like that. wolf doesn't actually feel like apart of kindread it feels like a animation effect *because that's basically all he is* where as this trisana skin as trisana gets stronger the dragon feels it gets strong as well. because early game its a little pathetic *pew ..... pew ..... pew.....* and by late game this little demon is spraying fire all over the place and it truly feels awesome. i feel we need more skins like this... i mean they could of done more with this skin even trisana says "when you get bigger your carrying me" so why not levels 0-5 (or make it scale with attack speed? 0-1.0 attacks?) the dragon can be on her head in a cute little for, levels 6-10 (or maybe 1- 1.50 attack speed?) the dragon wraps round her arm and she uses it like ezreals arm thing. 11-15 (or 1.50 - 2?) she becomes the current trisana skin with her holding him. now levels 16+ up to max attack speed trisana just goes {{champion:113}} mode and jumps on him and rides him around. dont you think this be awesome? i think that be pretty awesome. also one more thing. who thinks the hurricane particulars are ugly as f. i mean for things like sheen or static its very temporary to see those animations but hurricane you see every auto. and the thing is... they don't even blend in they stand out like a sore thumb. why cant they just make the 3 bolts appear from the gun... or dragon... *FIREBALL RAIN!* like you know which champion ur attacking... and the 2 bolts you have no effect over so why they got to stand out so much? seems weird.. (ps i know i am not a normal forum user who only bitches about riot changes but still think about the skins :3)

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