What do you think of my new champion pool.

Hey there, I'm a main support, I know it doesn't matter much but I want to hear some opinions on this champion pool: {{champion:497}} , {{champion:201}} , {{champion:43}} , {{champion:44}} and {{champion:223}}. Are the ones im going to focus on picking, I'm confident with them I know how to play them, but is it a good champion pool for normals and ranked games, could It use more AP supports or is it fine this way. The reason why im asking is because I have only 5 rune pages and I dedicate 1 page for 1 champion so that I don't have to look up a build and change them quickly during champ select. ( is this a good strategy btw? having 1 page for 1 champ or should I change it up and just remake rune pages depending on my pick in champ select?). Have a good day my dudes.
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