Rant about Tank buffs and MMR balance

So I have 2 Things in mind what bothers me alot. Why does Riot Keep buffing tanks and why do my battles feel so 1- sided the majority of the time. What gave them the idea Nasus was WEAK and needed a 12 stack on his q, thanks to the runes he survives early fairly easily. I even read it on reddit by nasus mains how they say he is overlybuffed. Same as Yorick I remember s8 yorick can 2v1 Easily with 2 items and for what reason did they have the Need to buff him this Season.... now next patch they are buffing cho gath e like srsly stop and think for a second on what they are doing. Its gonna be tank meta at top lane all over again asif its bad enough as it is. If you have an objection to this arguement then freely tell me why you think I am wrong. My next Rant would be About the MMR balance. holy cow I talked with one of the riot supports and he tells me ist based off of a Chess game how they set you in a certain Team....this is a fcking 5v5 game... not a 1v1. You´ll have to imagine like this more if the Chess game was 5v5 where each Player gets 1 turn each. If 1 guy sets up a move to win the game the next turn his Team could literally fck him over and lose the game they had a Chance of Winning. In my eyes you can´t compare a Chess game with this game at all. I played so many games where I win my lane. provided Vision on enemy jglr, get rift herald, called out im pushing top with tp Ready so they can drake, roam and did Rotation. And all that effort goes to waist. Becasue the majority of People what i seem to notice just look up u.gg see who has the highest winrate and just wing it. they can´t Play the Champion to the full extent of their kit. There are some exception like tanks that dont really Need no learning curve if a tank is s Tier you could easily Play him. Like I said if you guys think I´m wrong pls tell me becasue I just don´t know what to do anymore, or should I just give up top lane and go for another role...becasue I´m just not seeing it.
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