Hey, anyone willing to help me?

Sup this is my first post here, so i started playing league in season 6 midlane mostly, in s7 i finished as silver 4 and in s8 gold 4, right now i'm still gold 4 but highest i got is gold 2 this season, i feel like i'm stuck in one place and cant move. I would appricate if someone who is diamond or above would give me some tips in climbing, because i would really like to leave gold this season. I play midlane mostly, but i can jung and top, so if any of you play these roles i would appricate some help, you can write down but it would be better to add me in the game. This is my op.gg https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=c%CE%B1pt%CE%B1%C3%ADn Thanks, for reading! :D
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