Nerf Riven or delete her pls

I hate this champ, always i play against her im loosing my lane and end up with ten deaths, i hate her overmobility and how she is over consequences from a gank, every time she gets ganked she is like ''Q , Q , Q and there i go away with my shield'', seriously who was so retarded to create this champ i just don't understand, and this passive makes her so cancerous, she can go on Titanic hydra and do so much dmg with her passive like WTF Riot stop it now, i want you guys to either nerf or delete her she is a toxic champ and really unhealthy for the game, like, i got 5 fukin Riven's on top now, and i failed everytime just because now of her not needing mana, i mean, why does Darius need mana? a guy with a fat axe who has nothing to do with arcane power, and Riven, some bullsh#t girl that uses rune power on her sword does not have mana? wtf RIot, and i hate how she can just procs thunderlords by nothing, she hits 3 time Q and boom, half my life go in lv.1, just who created this champ, who can be this dumb, you must tell me why her stupid ult does even more dmg when i loose my life and makes her even more MOBILE, just wtf Riot, i hate this champ please delete or nerf her pleaaaase, why can she kill me so easyly just with Yomouus this fukin sucks men, i should not get killed that easy when i have dead mens plate Rito please, nerf that piece of crap, juust ahhhhhh who created this champ, that there are even Humans outside that come on the idea of creating this champ gives me an headache, also, Good Job if you survived reading until here, if you read until here you won the game, because this is a social experiment to see how many people actually vote and comment before reading, i don't mean anything i wrote about Riven serious, i actually love that champ, so if you made it until here, gj, now please leave the thread without doing anything at all, don't vote, don't comment, just leave, to see who the people are that vote and comment without even reading everything, i bet this thread will land under -5 votes, *smileyface
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