1 year of playing

With the ranked season coming to an end I thought I would write a little reflection on my first year of LoL (will be in Jan) The game is super addictive! I really enjoy it as a whole obviously I have had bad moments and one point after a particularly toxic team I thought about giving up. The learning curve is hard, not many people want to help you I have met a handful of players I enjoy playing with and have helped me loads in becoming a better player : ) YouTube has been one of the best assets, I have watched a stupid amount of guides and now I am not a terrible support (I am sure some ADC's would say different!) Ranked: I was told to avoid ranked as people were super toxic, to an extent I agree I have only managed to get Bronze on solo and Silver on flex, finding a good ADC seems to be hard, a lot of them seem to want to attack when it’s not viable and blame me for the inevitable death for example we were against a Naut and I was playing Sona, my thoughts with that pick was we could outlast them with my heal and a little Q poke but mainly avoid hook.. of course, the ADC had other ideas around focusing on him : ( Champions: As support I have 3 favourite’s which are Sona, Lux and Naut I have been trying out Blitz and Rakkan but I am not good with them yet, apparently I take too many kills with Lux but it’s not like I am trying to I just fire off my spells out of routine lol Toxic people: There are a few but not as many as I was expecting, I have seen racism, sexism and the usual insults. I have made a few reports and had a bit of feedback saying action was taken which is nice in a way! In conclusion I think I have prob spent too much on RP, met some awesome people and I still have fun playing the game, next season I am going to have a proper go at ranked as my efforts have been sporadic at best Look forward too many more games in the future :D
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