I would like to thank riot games for placing me with trash players even since my placements.

First of all , i would like to thank to absolutely every troll/noob/rage kid that decides to go feed early and then go afk to make everything harder for the rest of the team. Also , i would like to thank riot for placing me with silver-gold since my 5th placement match (i had 3 wins 1 lose and i was placed with gold-plat players before but after i started 5th,with no reason i found myself playing in team with silvers-gold) which made me lose about 2 matches and eventually lower my MMR from 1600-1700 to 1500 ^^ . But that's okey , i don't mind THAT at all.. What really bothers me is the fact that i have to deal with absolutely every damn noob existent into this game that is willingly to make our team to lose. You can look at my match history if you want to convince yourself. -As best example i can give my 10th placement match so you could see why I'm complaining (in which i had 1500-1600 MMR before starting it) : Champ select: -My team: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enemy team: top ----------- {{champion:92}} ..................{{champion:104}} mid ------------{{champion:45}} (<-ME)..........{{champion:157}} jungle --------{{champion:11}} ..................{{champion:5}} adc ------------{{champion:110}} ................{{champion:15}} support ----{{champion:89}} ..................{{champion:111}} Match started: {{champion:92}} and {{champion:11}} are dying because they decide that it's a good idea to try to 2v2 {{champion:104}} and {{champion:5}} Bot lane as well loses 2-0. I on mid simply stay there and try my best. It was okey , i couldn't blame them for dying. Time passes... our jungler has 0/4 our toplane has 1/3 adc and support both have 0/2 i was still trying hard and managed to get 3/0. I started roaming bot , since {{champion:11}} decided to go AFK since min 10' - 11' just because i and top told him to be more careful. I then got 5/0. It was a hard time to play as 4v5 against fed {{champion:5}} and {{champion:104}} honestly. What really annoyed me the most was that {{champion:11}} reconnected @20 because he seen that we didn't surrender and ended up giving away 2 more free kills but also got 2 kills for himself just so we couldn't tell that he trolls or feeds on purpose. It also annoyed me the level of toxicity from the {{champion:92}} player as i was 8/4/3 and he/she was 9/7/6 in the end. Then they flamed me because i voted no to surrender ( 3 v 2 votes to surrender ). I really find it unfair to have to play a match in which someone trolls , nor if it's onto my team or onto the enemy team. I report absolutely everyone that trolls , regardless the team they're in. I hope that RIOT GAMES will start doing something against these trolls so we wouldn't completely waste our time with the hope that , maybe for once , we'll get to play with a 100% normal team. Also , it was also unfair that there was absolutely no way to get a LOSS PREVENTED atleast since our jungler was AFK SINCE MIN 10 after he also gave 4 free kills!
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