The Darkest Secret Of A Wrenchman

Greetings fellow summoners and reader of the EU-Boards. In the past 30 minutes the EU Boards Discord (Free to Join, no fees | ) has made a dark discovery... We've discovered the darkest secret of a Wrenchman, listening to the name of "Coxis". You may ask yourself what we've found out.. It's an ancient meme.. "Coxis = Toxis"... This meme states that the Volunteer Wrenchman Coxis (This guy right here: ) is in fact a toxic player. During our researches we've found the origin of this meme too. It comes from the Volunteer Mother herself.. Riot Kengen. HERE'S THE PROOF: (This is obviously real! Don't even think about stating otherwise!) E// Coxis allowed the link to his boards profile:

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