Is league of legends dead?

Rly like rly, why do you even ask this, this question is deluded. Ok tell you what, you tell me if it's dead, now lets count up the numbers: 1st Over 15-20 mil daily players 2nd over 80 mil monthly players 3rd always 2nd with 100+k ppl watching on twitch And don't bring up "Ouhh but, but fortnite has almost always twice the numbers and everything" No it fking does't it has a little bit more sometimes even less the only time Fortnite has more ppl watching it is when Ninja streams, and we all know how watches Ninja, 7-12 year olds. Nobody has or will kill league, the only way for league to die is for them to make constant mistakes with patches. Back in 2016 the peak for monthly players was 100 mil now its 80+mil, sure that's 20 mil ppl less by now so yea the game has not died yet but in a course of 2 years it lost 20 mil players, if you ask me that's a lot that's 1/5th of the player base gone. Dear Riot Games, You will lose even more and more players, but not bcs of patches and updates reworks nor bcs some other games will kill you, you will die as a game bcs ppl will grow up, and you aren't bringing in new players. That's all, i mean the game can try to grow with us but i don't see that happening. -Just my opinion.{{item:3070}}
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