Seriously? Hashinshin? About sexualization?!?

Observations of sexualization in League of Legends.
Just things I notice. You right now.
1- I'm now this even an issue? I don't think it is... 2- Riot you better hire Hashinshin asap, not as a member of the balance team, as a janitor, so he can have a much better income for him to get the food on the table and what not. 3- Did this guy even finish college?!? Curious question... I don't watch Hashinshin so I don't know him that well. All I know he's some guy who rages, happens to give out valid points about League yet it's a terrible idea for Riot to hire him on the balance team. Personally I probably wouldn't even hire him as my housekeeper. Heck, I can imagine him ranting about my house..."this guy calls himself king Lego and has a room filled with nothing but Lego! How pathetic is that?" Note: I don't have a house with a room filled with Lego. Not yet at least, I'm still university student. Lolololol I don't watch streams, so I guess "living under a rock" is a valid statement on me. EDIT: SEXUALIZATION not on phone...
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