Can someone clarify something for me about account suspensions please?

Hi there. I was just wondering, is Riot aloud to hand out a 2 week suspension to me without giving me a warning beforehand? I had no chat restriction for months, I had no warning popping up saying I had been reported etc.. but suddenly, after this victory I was logged out and given a 2 week suspension. To be fair with you, I was no saint, a lot of my "flame" was mild and only in a handful of games out of many. One of the games I was reported for that was given as "evidence" I was actually very positive minded and telling people to stay positive and we will eventually win. They kept flaming and calling me trash and abusive names saying "Yeah sure the power of friendship will make us win u ****" etc.. I said one or two things in retaliation but seriously never anything serious. In conclusion, I was given no warning, no nothing about this... now i'm facing a 2 week ban :S If theyre aloud to do this then okay, i'll take my punishment and reform my behaviour. Once I come back to the game I will be an emotionless robot and not type anything or disagree with anyone. Thanks for your time.
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