I just realize how addicted i am to League..

Well it really feels sad for me to feel like i feel rightnow. I am playing League since Season 2 and my only pause was 1 Month in 2015 and sometimes i was in vacation. Every other week i was playing at least 3-5 League games, for sure up to 30-40 per week. But rightnow i feel really uncomfortable with the changes which are coming through. I only play ranked solo/duo and 90-95% of this in solo. It was always fun for me and I was able to adapt to new metas etc. But these patches rightnow... i just do not have any fun anymore. I only play because it hurts to stop playing. It really feels like breaking up a relationship. The last few days i sat in teamspeak with a friend and we were watching videos. We were not playing any games, because we have no alternative next to League and League is really unfun as i said. I can't tell you what maeks it less fun than before, it just feels like that. I just needed to tell this someone..
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