Volunteer Christmas 2016 - Snowdown!

Christmas post
Greetings Summoners!

The feel of joy fills the air,
Snowflakes slowly descend from the sky and Poros are everywhere.
It's the time of the year again to take out your favorite shawl,
Grab your friends as it's once again time for a snowdown brawl!

And how to better celebrate it than with summoners from all around the globe?
This year Christmas time is even more packed than ever before with gifts, activities, games and more.

Curious what's all looming under the Christmas tree?
Grab some hot chocolate milk, scroll down and check it out!

To get you in the mood Delde115 wrote this amazing poem!

Santa's Stream

Braum is not the only santa in town. Hansiman will be streaming with us this Thursday, December 15th at 20:00 CET!

Join us for games, entertainment and gifts.

Stick around and solve his riddle for a chance to get your very own Santa Braum skin!

Tree Ornaments

Turn your Christmas tree into a festive Maokai!

During the community Christmas stream we mentioned above, Hansiman is going to teach you step by step how to create your very own decorative Poro ornaments.

It might not come alive but it'll surely make your tree the cutest in the neighborhood!

Christmas Raffle

What would Christmas be without any presents?

Santa Braum has been generous this year so gather your friends and participate in our Christmas festive raffle for the chance to win yourself a snowdown skin of your choice.

Community Games

Playing a good old Snowdown is a must during Christmas!

Join us on Summoner's Rift and the Howling Abyss for some games to show what the festive spirit is all about.

We will be playing multiple matches every Friday at 15:00 CET so be sure to check out the thread for more information on how to participate and be sure to duck for those snowballs!

Poro Cookies

Ever been curious what a Poro-Snax taste like? Wonder no more as Torpedosheep will take you on a magical journey of making your very own Poro shaped cookies.

By following his recipe step by step you will be able to become a baker in no time! Not only do they look adorable they are also very delicious.

You are advised not to feed them to your Poro after midnight.

Happy Snowdown

We hope you will enjoy all of the upcoming events and wish that you have a peaceful holiday season!

Kind regards,
your Emissaries & Wrenchmen!

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