*Sees prestige KDA Ahri coming out, think to myself...*

_**me :**_ Oh Wow, i was wondering when she comes out. Can't wait to grind games for her. _**the realist me :**_ Really?! hahahahaha you think there will be any grind? let me remind you that some prestige skins are only for 100 prestige points now, requiring you to pay shitload of money. _**me:**_ Surely riot wouldn't do that, both previous prestige kda, kaisa and akali were available just by paying 1350 RP for a pass and then playing decent number of games for a month. _**the realist me:**_ Stahp clinging to such false hope. kaisa and akali may have some fans, but Ahri was always one of the most favorite champions. Even the ones who play her rarely like to own a nice skin for her. There is no way riot is gonna pass up on the opportunity to milk as much money from her as possible. _**Me :**_ you are just being too pessimistic. wait and see, they will keep the prestige Kda skins line as it was up to now. _**the realist me**_: Oh my sweet summer child... anyway, we don't need to wait, let's just check surrender@20 if it was in patch notes, the detailed info will definitely be there. _**me:**_ checks it out* prestige Kda Ahri - 100 prestige points. DISAPPOINTED {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} _**the realist me:**_ told ya, dumbass. Let's buy smth elsewhere.
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