General concern about the game

Hi, My main concern is about the performance of the game client. I have been playing since 2010 and we all know it has seen better days. I understand you have to advertise *stuff*. But I believe you shouldn't TRADE THE ADS FOR THE PLAYER'S EXPERIANCE. I'm going to be straight.... When I click on anything, there are often seconds of delay...(my connection is '<15ms 300MB/s') - LoL is installed on my SSD - I don't have to specify more The game used to run much faster back on HDD 5 years ago(same HW). I know you want to show your flashy ads regarding stuff, that apparently matters, but could you at least give the person a choice? I stopped giving *crap* about competetive LoL since S5 I think. I still watch on youtube and follow the players. Can you please give me a choice to turn off all E-Sports notifications and updates and all 'LoL news'? All I wish for is for the client performance to improve. Thank You for reading this(if you did) Kind Regars, Yours, Karal4(loyal for 8 years and counting)
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