BRUSSELS STAY STRONG! Europe will not fall

First of all, a lot of people die everyday, Its a comon natural phenomenon, however, what isnt natural is dying by the hands of another person and their radical believes. Deaths like the one in the Twin Towers/Airplane (USA), Renfe trains (SPAIN), je suis charlie/Paris, and now Brussels. Those are not natural causes of death. Yes one might believe that it was destinity, some might believe in the Movie Final Destination (that no matter what you do, death will always get you), but still... Thats no way to go (and you know what I mean by go). I made this thread to show RESPECT and DIGNITY to the people that have fallen by the hands of others, and not just Jihadist terrorist attacks, this goes for all acts of terrorism world wide. Just stop and think... RESPECT... DIGNITY.... These people died by the hands of a motherfcker, a person WHO WILL NOT REASON and that will do anything. I made this post because I could not believe NO ONE ELSE MADE ONE... ARE YOU FCKING KIDDING ME!!!! A little respect for fcks sakes. People just died at an airport and a metro station and you are all here making fun of it in the comments... ARE YOU KIDDING?! The last sht I´d expect are comments like these... >So adorable when everyone turns into some type of intellectual/politician while having no clue whatsoever. IM NOT BEING A FCKING ITELLECTUAL OR POLITICIAN! I am showing my respect. Listen to me buddy (to the guy who made that comment) I would go to Brussels NOW if I could and I help. But I cant, you know why? BECAUSE I economically CANNOT. All I care for right now are my family and my studies, and the moment I am done with my studies I will do whatever I want and if its being a Volunteer at UN then so be it. But for now I cant as it is not my time. So for any fcking smart@ss just leave now and ignore the world. After all... Ignorance is bliss.
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