Questions about Prestige Kai'sa

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Hi, I was just wondering how long we have to get Prestige Edition Kai'sa, from what i heard, we will only have until Monday 19th to collect tokens. I've been playing as much as possible with the Worlds Pass, and even bought some orbs, still i am only at 2000. I don't know about you but 500 tokens isn't exactly possible to get by the end-date, so i was wondering if the skin would ever be possible to get again, since many people have agreed that 2500 was too much tokens, 2000 would have been reasonable considering the chromas were also 400 each. I just don't want all those hours of playing for tokens to be thrown out the window due to an overpriced skin, i'd at least like to know that the skin will be available in the future since we clearly can't obtain the skin without spending £100 on orbs, since Hextech skins end up being expensive as well, but you have an unlimited amount of time to obtain them through in-game means, it seems so unfair to give us such a small amount of time to obtain the skin. I assume that the extra tokens are for the border, so all i'd like to clarify is that the skin will be more easily available in the future without the 'luxury' of a border.
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