[RE-POSTED] Help and advice greatly needed for a test build, any help is greatly appreciated!!

> DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT WORK FOR RIOT OR GET PAID BY THEM, EVERYTHING I DO IS WILLINGLY WITH MY OWN CONSENT AND ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY Hi there league community and Off-Topic forum readers, i am a person that likes to frequently search for bugs and errors and technical flaws in custom games tests so i can report them to riot, one of my tests consists of getting killed by the enemy champions to help me with identifying problems with hit detection and death animations. i also like to test the frame rate when there are multiple situations occurring in-game and happening all at once, for example 5v5 with minions and dragon at bot lane, or team fight at jungle buff monsters etc etc. i have dedicated testers already, but what i need help with is coming up with a build solely made for testing. tl:dr help me build a test build, whats needed in this build is a set of items that helps me die quicker. quicker i die = quicker i can test my death animation against the next enemy champion. Also i stay in that game and test other things too while there, so i plan to spend at least over 1 hour per testing session, then i take a break, rest my eyes, and test again! can you help come up with a test build? (to cut to the chase, a "feeder" build) ###### (Previously deleted due to being posted in the wrong section) ######
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