Recovering from giant losing streaks

Pretty much i always have this happen to me. I climb up , drop down then get stuck and eventually drop more and more. My highest elo ever was diamond 1 72 lp before master got released and i was in mid-high diamond 1 for a good month or so playing everyday. After master got released i was still in diamond 1 for another 2 weeks before a DC made me fail my master promos and that started a big tilt that made me drop to diamond 3 in 2 days. After the tilt i was pretty much stuck in diamond 2-3 for the next few months quitting the game ocassionally then coming back to it. After the reset i managed to get diamond 1 again fairly quickly but then the same thing happened. I go on tilt and start losing then start losing more and more and after being in diamond 2-3 for a month i recently had a tilt shooting me all the way down to diamond 5. I feel pretty hopeless right now and have no idea what to do. I just feel like im playing worse and worse and not even breaks help me im just losing my skills more and more the lower i drop , like im unimproving every game. If anyone fully recovered from this id like to know how and how to avoid it in the future. Thanks in advance
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