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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
So, hey guys :) I usually do not post things on the Internet (cause no-one gives a...), but right now I´m in euphoria, so why not. I have played Moba games for 5 years now (4 of them being D2). Since January 2016 I´ve been really frustrated cause of ranked system there. It felt like I wasn´t accomplishing anything, even after winning a game. I just wanted to play for points, points and points. I wasn´t enjoying the game how it should be. In August I got really angry (after I realized there´s no big patch until December) and stopped playing for good. I´ve wanted to try smth new. So on 1st September I started playing on my old league account with lvl 10. I felt really happy and i enjoyed the game. It wasn´t even that hard to realize what´s happening after so many years of playing Mobas. Suddenly I got lvl 30 and started playing ranked. I got calibrated at S3, which i thought is okay after playing for only a month or so. I got in love with this game and I really enjoy it. The ranked system, the updates, the responses from Riot (they are doing a really good job :)) The best part is that I have a lot of fun while playing and that´s how it is supposed to be. Today I finished my Silver 1 series and got to Gold! (YEAH! FREE CHAMPION!). I´ve have never been so happy after winning a game. To feel that I accomplished smth is the best thing. Since the season ends soon, I don´t have that much time to climb higher, but next season.... Platinum..here I come. Thank you all for reading, I just wanted to share :) Also, I love this community...funny, helpful and just great. Don´t change :P Luv u
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