Small quality of life proposal for Warwick's Blood Hunt

As i'm sure you know Warwick's Blood Hunt has two "States". There's the standard state of Blood Hunt where Warwick gains movement and attack speed towards an enemy at half or lower health, and the second state against enemies at under quarter health where the attack/movement speed are massively amplified. The only problem is that it's hard to distinguish on the fly when these effects will kick in. Both states have the same sound effects and spooky Warwick face above the target. Even if you go from Blood Hunt state 1 to state 2, that spoopy face stays the same. Let's say you're soloing dragon at level 3 (Try it, it totally works). It isn't really obvious when exactly Blood Hunt is going to activate against the dragon. You usually find yourself looking at his health bar for a good few seconds to try and figure out what values determine half/quarter health for it. I have a few proposals for how to improve the clarity for this: First off, the red WW face above the target should change appearance for when they're at Blood Hunt state 2. For state 1 it could be the current grinning Warwick, while state 2 could have a more vicious Warwick with his jaws wide open. There could also some musical input. Warwick already gets a sound effect to alert him that an enemy champion has reached half health. What if there was an even more dramatic audio sting to tell him when an enemy is below a quarter health? And lastly, what if for Warwick only health bars were altered slightly. For example, enemy health bars might have vertical red "Lines" through it to determine the health thresholds. This would not only help at the aforementioned dragon fight, but would also give the player on-the-fly information when fighting champions. Just a few suggestions that I think would go a long way to making Blood Hunt less confusing.
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