Three weeks into the new year

Its been three weeks into the new year, a small time for sure but lets reflect back on some of the things that have happened in such a small span on time. 10/01/2019: - Riot broke the game, the anti cheat software went haywire and started kicking entire teams for using thirdparty software. 12/01/2019: - Riot mistakenly set up their bundles for 1BE, creating the 1BE scandel that people are still outraged over because of Riot's lack of response. - Prestige Aatrox was added to the game in typical the ~~EA~~ Riot fashion creating a right sense of pride and acomplishment by putting the skin behind a 100 bucks paywall. 13/01/2019: - Riot releases the abysmall "Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error" post, explaining that a rollback/revert would have been too difficult to do (you can read to comments for yourself if you're interested in how most of the players responded to that responce.) 14/01/2019: - A public post was made towards Riot's abysmal player support system. where a player was given about 5 different reasons for his ban before closing the ticket and leaving said player both frustrated and confused. 15/01/2019: The game broke again as multiple players are experiencing a critical error making it so they can't play. All of this, in the first three weeks of the new year. We're really starting off strong aren't we? And quite honestly I love this game to bits but come on, this. all of this. I not okay. TL;DR 2 accounts of game breaking bugs. 1 account of an economy breaking bug. 1 account of insane money schemes. 2 accounts of Riot's poor communication with it's playerbase.
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