Riot is Lazy AF.

So just a little rant, oh wait let me rephrase, So just a big rant. How many problems can you have at once riot, first it's the mecha khazix disabled due to in-game issues (that's acceptable), then the skins tab is disabled (I don't really care about skins but I can see how that annoys people) and then the biggest problem of them all, missions. So as you know missions don't work, idk if its for all people or some only but how can you mess up on the missions. Missions is the only thing that makes the game somewhat fun, you play to complete a goal right, but now when they don't work what's the point of even playing right now, I don't get rewards, I don't feel satisfied after a game, hell I don't even get much xp. I would accept it if it was around Christmas time where everyone wants to go home or is on holidays or spending time with family but nope we are in February where only few problems should happen not 3 all at once. I got the feeling like Riot is lazy or either doesn't care that much right now. This is what I feel Riot thinks "Ok boy's we made kids spend thousands on our game, time to show them the middle finger and go home" Please riot its not like you only have 1 person each on different areas, you have thousands of them, you have different sites. So what's the problem?
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