Clash is starting next week!

League of Legends Clash guide: How does it work, rewards, and more
Clash is a new mode for League of Legends designed to bring friends together in a competitive environment Each Clash is a three day tournament, which runs every other weekend running from Friday through Sunday The more you win, the better rewards you'll get at the end, with banners and trophies exclusive to Clash The new Clash tournament mode is coming to League of Legends on May 25, and Mail Esports has everything you need to know about it. It kicks off next Friday the 25th but you can start forming your team for it from the 21st. > #Tickets > You can get tickets in a variety of ways. You'll get a ticket through the mission that'll be in the game at launch, where you must win four flex games. You can also get a free one through the Clash website experience when it's all set up. > > Otherwise, you'll have to buy them with either RP or 1,000 blue essence. > > 1 ticket gets you a Clash Orb, 5 tickets gets you a Clash Capsule. Hype! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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