"Prestige" skins?

Hi, i would like to ask why are those skin prestige. I mean ye its for a tokens. BUT why you let them to be in crafting chests?!?! Why are those skins prestige when almost everyone can get them by luck? Not like someone who tryhard to get enought tokens to get that skin. After that someone post a screenshot about: hmm i got this shit (photo with prestige skin) should i reroll it? Like sorry? Are you serious? I tryhard for Akali and Kaisa but im not going to do another bcs its not worth for me. Why those Prestige skins isnt in the same category like PAX or Black Alistar? Limited skins. I could accept it if they could be get from Gemstones. but no from a normal chests.. (I hope i writted it right to understand me even im not that good in engliss) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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