I have a bad idea.

There are some game modes we love and others - not so much, but my idea for a game mode is different. Imagine you go on SR for a game and for some reason the toxicity begins. Insults and intentional feeding are thrown left and right. Anyone who has started PvP matches amd has played for more than a day has seen this happen. And then...just imagine if there were no repercussions. Imagine being free to call out someone any way you see fit for anything you see fit with no restrictions on how far you are willing to go. And there is no mute button to hide behind should you be called out for anything. AND you are in it until it is over because leaving a game before it ends gives you 12hr queue before you can try to join another one. And there are no report tabs, no post game lobbies. Just for a day there are no limits or laws to how poorly a summoner can behave and nothing to defend them should they be victimised by toxicity. Share your thoughts on my idea below and take care not to scorn me if this has been posted before (it's late and I was bored).
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